Sunday, July 15, 2007

New work and little guy abandoned

Sadly, I have put Little Guy aside, once I realized, didn't you? that he looked like a Simpson character. I'll have to rethink that whole image.
But I have started a new piece with LOTS of Red in it. To get the red I want, I have first laid down a layer of Quin magenta. Then I'll glaze or scumble over it with a more orangey red: Napthol light with a touch of Cad yellow medium.
The image is 3 creatures eating what look like locusts frogs. Any ideas for a title?
The whole thing is reminding me of something that happened to my sister Linda last week. It seems she is having her own personal Apocalypse out in the desert. Huge insects, the size of pigeons, have been invading her home. She had them exterminated and a huge black BEAST emerged from her fountain and flew off. Now it is loosed upon the earth!


Living Out Loud said...

Interesting about your sisters bugs.
Next time, she should take pictures,
and send them to you. And, me, of course.

Regarding the little Simpson guy, why not just fix his face? On the other hand, you might grow to like him the way he is. Or, is something the matter with me that I see humor in these paintings?

I am I said said...

if the locust frog had a few more legs it would look like my brown bugs. There is one dried up one outside my front door and another in the driveway. I had to call the locksmith so their keys would not fit in my door any longer.

Living Out Loud said...

Your bugs carry keys?

iffy said...

I am i said wrote to me:
The bugs are so big I believe they do. One appeared about 20 min ago. I was sitting on the couch watching the Dead Zone, I got up & used my newspaper to ward him off. He raced towards the door pulling out his key from his vest pocket. (He must have bribed the locksmith.) I grabbed the bug spray from the coffee table & rounded on Mr. Thug/Bug. He circled back coming at me as I sprayed once, twice, three times. I covered his thrashing body with a paper cup....

This whole discussion has inspired me to add keys to my green 'things'