Friday, July 20, 2007

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens may or may not be the title, but here's how the painting is coming along. I had to put many layers of color on the horse like animal but he is finally the way I want him. And I still have to work on the border.
The final step is to add the black lines again, which this painting is particular really needs to bring out the shapes. That's because some of them are in the same value as the red. Yes, I did that on purpose.


Living Out Loud said...

I'd like to know whether you intend this to be humorous?
By the way, the color is gorgeous.
Are you using Goldens?

iffy said...

I use liquitex and Golden and a couple of others. It’s not the brand, except I’m using good brands, it’s the juxtaposition of one color to the other and how unmixed they are, not toned down.
As for humorous, I guess I find them humorous and strange. But I’m not really painting them because they are funny. I can’t say why I’m painting them except I like the boldest of them: color, shapes and subject matter. This is an example where the artist doesn’t have a clue and it’s better left to the observer.

dowhat327 said...

Don't we all have to chew on some nasty truths at one time or another?