Sunday, July 08, 2007

Locusts pocus, 2

This painting definately went thru an ugly stage. The colors looked too discordant and silly to me. But I stuck with the program and it's coming together. The "program" is to use 3 colors and black and mix my colors from the 3 to make orange and green. In this case I wanted an unusual blue. I had to use prussian blue and bright blue together. The colors definately don't match the original. Anyway, I really don't know what the original looks like, since I'm working from books and interent stuff.
OH, by the way, this is a BROOKLYN blog. I mention it because there was a story in today's paper about how many blogs are from Brooklyn. On the Brooklyn theme, I delievered my paintings to Red Hook yesterday for the BWAC Big Show. 3Against1, and the Losing Team are on the wall, and my auction piece is Blow. You can see them all here on the blog.

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