Thursday, February 22, 2007

Birds on Ice

Even though I always say I hate birds, I seem to photograph them and draw them a lot. Here are some on the lake across the street from where I live. I used the 'sport' setting on my camera to catch the seagulls flying overhead.
P.S. I say I hate birds because I have two bird watching sisters. Do you know how boring it is to go on a walk with a bird watcher? They can spend, and I am not exagerrating, HOURS studying a dead, decomposing bird. Yet everytime I ask them about a bird, they never know what it is!
So, yes, this is a photo of seagulls and ducks. Isn't it enough to know that? NO, what kinds of seagulls? What kinds of ducks? Just don't ask my two sisters.


one of your sisters said...

dont be bitter

Anonymous said...

Ohye!what's better ... artists painting, photographing birds, or them that love to watch them and know not what they are? The fascination is the richness.

Living Out Loud said...

I really dislike this photo. Maybe the scene is Norman Rockwell, but, at any rate, I find it depressing.
uh...I hate ice, cold, & bird wathers.

Living Out Loud said...

Oh, one more thing! Someone who cannot identify birds is not a bird watcher. And, I wish I had known the sisters liked to look at dead birds, because I found one in a planter just yesterday. I'll save the next one and send it up.

Anonymous said...

It's been way too long that I've had to look at winter and birds.
Please show us something more interesting: photos of your neighbors would be interesting,
especially with hair in curlers and
wearing dusters and fuzzy bedroom slippers. You know how I love that
Diane Arbus stuff.