Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I changed the background to a darker yellow with a little orange in it and the whole thing has brightened up considerably. I don't hate it anymore. Also, I finished the basic colors of the building. There are still detail colors and I still might add some animals to the right side. By the way, the blue river is really much darker.

Ok, on another note, here's a giant locust, dead thank god, that I saw in prospect park recently. The Apocalypse may really be coming!


Living Out Loud said...

Oh, yes! That did it! I love this painting!!!

Don't much care for the locust, though. The trees survive, you know.
All predictions are for a cataclysmic
sudden change. Those whose intent is to survive will, but all others will not. That's when the Incas return,
and life starts all over. I want to come back as a Condor. Living never ends, only the form in which the energy is.

I'll bet not one person will be surprised we are friends. :-)

Lisa Purcell said...
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Lisa Purcell said...

You are right about the apocalypse. Love the photo and the locust.