Saturday, August 11, 2007

Coming Along

In the middle of the night, I came up with the perfect title for this painting. Damn, I sure wish I could remember what it was. Work Ethic is my working title and I may have to go with it if my thousands of fans don't write in and give me alternatives. Oh, wait, it was something like: To have and have not.
I'm thinking of adding some more details to the river side. Maybe animals.
Mai-Liis says they are amusing but I'm still finding the world of the Romanesque sort of mysterious and impenetrable. The blank staring faces saying so much more than what they represent. In several manuscripts, I've seen that someone scratched out the faces of evil: the devil or that bad guy in the painting. Scratched them out. Why? In anger? For protection? And who? Did the ordinary person have access to these manuscripts? Did a monk do it? What was he or she (OK, more likely He) thinking?
Well, I have a title for a painting with a scratched face: Take away evil.
But right now, let's focus on Work Ethic. Help!

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