Friday, June 29, 2007

Two works finished

Woops, got so carried away with painting that I didn't keep up with all the step by steps. It was the NYC heatwave. I couldn't go out so I just sat in front of my easel. Sometimes, for variety, I stood in front of my easel.
Here's the two pieces: The Losing Team and Blow. I'm loving doing this work but today I must go out and buy more paint. I'm using a lot more paint with this technique than I used to. And brushes: I'm messing up my little brushes, which I never even used before.
I'm curious if anyone will figure out they are apocalypse paintings and/or assign hidden meanings to them.

1 comment:

Chaska Peacock said...

What size are these? I think they are so appropriate for these times!
(Not that this matters.)