Sunday, June 24, 2007

Losing Team

Here's what I'm up to with the Losing Team. It says: "You find yourself on the losing team", on the upper curve of the yellow part. I traced the curve, then I scanned it into Illustrator and picked out a suitable typeface. I used the pen tool to create a curved path that matched the scanned curve and wrote the words. Had to do it 3 times: the first time the words were too big, the second one, I lost, and finally got it right. Lesson: next time, do a bunch of different sized types. I also decided to paint the halo around the lamb in gold.
And also, here's the finished drawing for Blow. I have to decide on the color scheme.
My next project will be the locust that look like horses and eat you. I bet you can't wait to see that one.


Living Out Loud said...

I am really loving your new work!
I covet it!

dowhat327 said...

There is something cheerful about those tumbling heads.