Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Stock Exchange

Took a walk down to wall street and came upon this scene of Christmas joy outside the stock exchange. Happy wall streeters were hurrying home carrying huge bags of cash: their Christmas bonuses. I went on my way to the Museum of the American Indian which doesn't even charge admission: Positively Unamerican in their lack of money orientation. The Christmas tree in the museum had a sad Charley Brown appearance.
I read somewhere that an eskimo tribe had refused to be genetically tested because they don't want to find out information that would not jibe with their beliefs. Or did it have to do with legitmacy of their land claims? OK, I really don't know enough about this or how I feel about it.

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Living Out Loud said...

Unless it's ones own idea, submitting to genetic testing is invasive, isn't it? I am cheering for the tribe that refused!

Imelda, I love your present NYC travels! Can we go to the folk art or handicraft museum next?