Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mama's Tenacity

I've been thinking a lot about Jon's post, 'Ghost Story', the 8/10/07 blog on
Was that really our mother, trying to communicate with Jon? And why Jon? Is he her 'favorite' or is something else going on?
Then I remembered: Mama, in her usual tenacious way, was going on and on about Jon throwing out the washing had 'something' in it....he didn't check....he threw out something valuable, all was lost, etc, etc.
So, the way I see it, she is still going on and on about it, throwing Jon's furniture around, telling him he has to look INSIDE of stuff before he throws it out.
Along the same lines, after Mama died in April, my phone started going dead. Yeah, every few weeks it would just....DIE. What is she trying to tell me? Maybe she still want to talk. I know, amazingy, I do miss talking to her. It's amazing to me cause I thought it was such a pain in the neck at the time. Now the daily phone call, unmade, unspoken, is like a big hole in my days.


I am I said said...

Your Mother died in April? Mine died in May.

Chaska Peacock said...

Missing the daily phone call to your mother can mean no more than missing a long-standing habit, no?

But, regardless of how you felt/feel about your mother,there is so much processing to do...such a difficult task when it's ones mother regardless of the relationship.

Jon said...

Maybe she killed your phone because she didn't want to talk to you again. You always try and make things sound positive