Monday, August 07, 2006

Homage to De Chirico

This is a drawing I did a few years ago. I was working on a psych ward at a large municipal hospital. I had gotten myself promoted to acting director of my department: a soul killing job involving being mean to underlings and obsequious grovelings to overlings. I also had to attend every day, hours of meetings where other directors dozed or stared angrily at each other. But no one really cared about the topic at hand, whatever that was. I took to doodling. Some of my finest drawings came out of those meetings. This is one.

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Chaska Peacock said...

You could give us a look into this
place where you worked.....What an
opportunity that would be for us!
Oh, for sure we couldn't take a daily dose of it, but I hope you will consider taking us there when you are up for it. Perhaps, this is exactly why blogs are so popular! It's that opportunity of a look inside things we might not even be able to dream.