Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Under Siege....Complete

It's finished. I'll have more to say...but have to run now!
Photo is imperfect.


Row said...

Hi Imelda. I discovered your blog after picking up your card at the bwac show. Saw your "Under Siege" from far away first and right away wanted to go look closer, but was distracted by the people I was with wandering in a different direction. I then fell in love with your piece in the auction (harpy?). I just want you to know that even though I am broke, lost one of my two part time jobs and just found out I have to move I was very tempted to bid. But the reasonable part of my brain did win out in the end. But I have your card and some day when I am a little more solvent I will be contacting you again about purchasing something. Till then just a fan.

Unknown said...

Hi Row, could you write to me personally at my email address. If you go to and send me a comment there, I will be able to answer you. On the blog, I have no access to your email will never be able to contact you.

Anonymous said...

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