Monday, August 18, 2008

Snake Demon in progress

OK, this is a nameless and incomplete snake demon. He's (or she's) 18X36 inches. I went thru several changes with this one. Originally I painted the background red, but then realized it was way too bright, especially with the funny yellow design I had added (now all gone). I had the idea to base the painting on paisley color patterns. But I gave it up for more harmonious colors. It's not done yet, but it's now in the final phase.
Oh, and I apologize for the very very bad photo.


Mad the Recidivist said...

Would you mind terribly if I used the image of the snake demon in progress as a texture for a painting on the wall in a virtual house? It's in an online game (geeky, I know), and on private property, but I'd prefer to have permission to use it, rather than just steal it and figure "Well, nobody'll ever know..." A respect thing. :)

Unknown said...

Scott, I need your email address to write to you. Don't know how you can send it...maybe thru my website, listed in the side panel: